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Marketing Strategies on Youtube

Do you know that you can build a business for FREE by learning how to optimize Youtube as a marketing strategy ?  By using Youtube,  you are able to build a fan base and meet some great people along the way.  It sounds pretty easy, but you simply cannot post a video and walk away.  In most cases,  you will need to keep your audience engaged and  gain  their interest in what you have to offer. Of course it’s cool to PLAY your instrument for your audience, but why not talk about a product that you use.   Give advice or insight about a new product that just hit market.   Better yet, market that product as an affiliate.    Can you see how to leverage your experience while helping your viewers ?

Lets look at …

7 Quick Ways to Market Yourself on Youtube

What Are Your Customer Needs

Supply them with information to meet their needs –  Just think of the kinds of things you have researched on Google or Youtube as a musician. Whether searching for products or services you generally can get the answers to all of your needs. Research and give your honest opinion.   If you do the research……they don’t have to.   Your viewers will start to ask questions and sometimes they can be brutally honest.   Demonstrate your point of view.  Don’t just talk about it !!   Show your audience !   If you are good at teaching, give a quick 4 minute tutorial or lesson.   These type of videos are popular, and anything you want to learn….you can typically find it on Youtube !

If you are a guitar player, what equipment do you use  ?  Are there specific amps for beginners, intermediate and expert players ?  What are the cost differences and if a beginner needs an amp, should they invest in the best amp they can buy, or is it feasible to start with a lower grade amp until they gain additional skills ?   If you are a singer, did you take vocal lessons ?  Should someone hire a vocal coach ?  How do you care for your throat/voice before a concert  ?

As a drummer….. What are the best kits for jazz musicians.  What drum sticks are you using and are there differences in the techniques of drumming ?    Do you practice with a metronome ?  What are the best products for improving a drummers timing issues.

Valuable information is priceless  !!  People are searching for answers and you can be instrumental in providing that information.

Research Your Market

Research your Market – Youtube has marketing tools that gives you some insight of who your audience is.  Once you determine who is generally watching your videos, you can reach out to those people specifically.  What age bracket do you or your product appeal to ? We all would like to reach everyone, but its important to know exactly who your audience is.

The analytical data will help in determining how your videos are doing. You can see what age, what countries, and which videos are performing the best.

Go to : MANAGE VIDEOS ; left side click on ANALYTICS : Then view your Overview, Reach, Engagement and Audience data. This information should be viewed frequently to determine how your page is doing. It takes time and consistency to build your page, but with the proper tools you will be a success.

Promote and Create a Following

Promote and create a following –  If you are an established musician, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a following.   It has nothing to do with being shy, or not wanting to be in front of a camera.   It has a lot to do with being creative and finding a way to get your message and or music across.   Tutorial videos can be designed to not show your identity if you’re camera shy.   Although people generally relate to visuals, there are many ways to make successful videos.   Post your videos on Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Share you vids with friends and family. Ask them to support your efforts when starting out. More than anything…. BE CONSISTENT…..

View Other Videos and Make Comments

View other videos and make comments – Youtube’s algorithms have changed over the years.  It decides which videos will get suggested to individual users. It used to be all about the VIEWS.  Now Youtube not only pays attention to views, but WATCH TIME.  How do you keep your viewers engaged and interested in your content.  Comments are extremely important in building a successful page.   The interaction is important and Youtube wants to see a relationship with your audience. 
Set some time aside to just view videos and make comments.   If you are a drummer, give another drummer some props. Ask them about their equipment or talk about things that drummers can understand or identify with.   Subscribe and ask them to stop by your site as well.   This will also create more site views from curious people that are viewing your comments.    I have met some of the greatest musicians from conversations on Youtube.  I have also acquired some great gigs from Youtube.   Its a WIN, WIN situation !

Collaborate with Other YouTubers

Participate in some Youtube Collaborations – With today’s technology, music files and videos are easily transferable and able to be uploaded and used for music projects.  Its not hard to find other musicians who want to collaborate on Youtube.   Merge your video and music files together to make an awesome masterpiece and have some fun along the way.   Collaborating with other’s will also help to create your presence in the Youtube World.   Ensuring that your link is on the collaboration video will cause other’s to come back to your page and view your videos as well.     Check out this collaboration video of musicians from around the world….. We never met, yet we were able to create MUSIC together. Music truly is UNIVERSAL…

Maintain a Presence and Be Consistant

Keep a constant presence on the Internet – I will be the first to say that it is challenging to be consistent. Your family and general life situations can cause you to put your priorities in other areas. It’s completely understandable. Find ways to be productive and create habits will help you to balance everything in your life.

Although every musician should have a BLOG or Website,  it’s not easy to write and dedicate the time in creating content. The same applies with Youtube. It’s time consuming to write and record content, but there are many services in which someone will do the work for you.   Services on FIVERR or UPWORK will allow you to get some assistance, but why not learn some new skills ? In learning how to create videos, edit videos, create music tracks, beats, and many other services, only makes you more valuable and able to sell your services if should choose to.

It’s important to understand that there are many musicians, singers, dancers, and artists. What sets you apart from everyone else ?   What causes your phone to ring for gigs ?   I’m sure your talent is #1, but I assure you that marketing and networking are equally important.   Whenever you hand out a business card, do you have a website, Youtube page, and or blog to refer them to ?  People tell me all the time “I checked you out on Youtube”.   I can’t stress enough of how important it is.    There are great “How To” videos and products that can help you along the way.     

Invest and Learn How To Optimize Your YouTube Channel

I’m sure you know how popular YouTube has become over the years. It can be competive, but remember that you offer something different. Be different in your approach and don’t be afraid to be creative. You are a musician…so CREATIVITY comes natural. Do some added WORK and let it pay off in the future.

If you are new to Youtube or trying to build your site, I recommend installing TubeBuddy.  Long time YouTubers use it as well due to the beneficial tools….  TubeBuddy is an video management program (Browser plugin)  that will help accelerate your views and will give you a concise plan of how to market your videos.  The thumbnail maker will help you make thumbnails as well as provide you with the best keywords for optimizing SEO strategies …extremely important.

Do you need more views to get monetized ?  Do you need guidance to help you along the way ?  Want to check it out  ?  TubeBuddy has many tools and techniques.  Click HERE

THERE IS A FREE PLAN !!  To get more tools, pay a monthly fee : View Pricing HERE : No Excuse on getting started ! 

If you are just starting out and need a mentor or someone to walk you through….Matt Parr is one of the best. He runs many Youtube pages and has succeeded with specific tactics. He has helped me to understand how Youtube works – CLICK HERE to check him out.

Don’t want to use your own voice ? : Try Speechelo (voice over software) Easy to use and offers multiple languages…..

Whether you are marketing a Product or Yourself, Make it Count….. Make it Timeless…… Make Your Mark.. and DON’T MISS A BEAT !

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