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There are a number of ways that musicians and artists can make money online.   The key is to be creative and think outside of the box. Don’t limit yourself to the obvious ways, such as selling CD’s on Amazon,  CDBaby or ITunes.   These days many are selling their CD’s on the Internet and it can be very lucrative for the new artist.    What they fail to realize is that it takes marketing and constant research, such as…. who your audience is.  Who is likely to buy your product, etc.    When friends and family have purchased your product, then what ??

I firmly believe that musicians are creative individuals who have the capability of tapping into multiple streams of revenue while maintaining their craft of making music.    When the season is slow and the gigs have slowed down, there are ways to Make Money Online.   Many streams of income will allow you to make money while you are asleep or working.

I have found that most musicians live for the moment.   They make great money during the busy seasons, but when gigs start to decline, they are forced to find temporary employment or live off of what is left from recent gigs or tours.   Many struggle to maintain a persistent income and the term “starving musician” becomes a reality.    They are taken advantage of during this time and are paid minimal wages by club owners and music establishments because they simply need MONEY.

I am talking from experience.    Although musicians love to PLAY, they want to be paid what they are worth.    Its not enjoyable to do any job in which the terms and pay are not equal to services provided.    Due to these experiences there are many musicians that eventually burn out.     They give up and some decide not to ever play music again.

There are alternatives in which a musician can do what they love and make enough money in which they aren’t forced to work outside of their niche unless they prefer to.   It takes some work,  but will prove to be profitable and give you peace of mind.

There is much to cover and many different techniques, but lets start by marketing yourself first.   Refer to my blog “How To Market Yourself As A Musician“.   If you start here, it will be so much easier to sell any product or offer your services to your following.    Your customers will quickly learn to trust you if they can hear and see you !!   Be honest in your approaches and most of all … a new musician along the way !!

Stay tuned for more…..

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