This past year, so many people found themselves working from home for various reasons. Their jobs may have sent them home during the pandemic, or maybe they were faced with having to generate income from home. Children were also home which caused families to reorganize and figure out how to balance work with family responsibilities. The world as we knew it changed drastically. Our mindsets were challenged and hopefully you were able to capitalize on new and exciting business ventures. Its never too late to readjust your thinking in order to obtain your goals.

Challenges of Working from Home

Working from home can be very rewarding. There are no travel costs, but you may find yourself updating your internet service for maximum performance.

If you have children at home, there are additional challenges associated with balancing your work schedule with your family. There can be many distractions that can take your focus away from your work, but if you make some needed adjustments you will reap the benefits.

Instead of writing a full article I have created an animation video with some humorous points which are very real. If you currently work from home or plan to in the near future, I’m sure you will be able to identify with the challenges. I outline 5 tips of “How To Be Productive When Working From Home”. These tips will generally work in all aspects of life. Controlling your habits, being focused and setting up a routine are major components of being productive.

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