7 Ways to Make money when not playing music


Be Creative and Innovative

If you are a full-time artist or musician, I’m sure you have come to the realization that you will need some other means of generating income. The truth of being a working performer today is that you need to enhance your income streams. The more you can broaden your skills, the better chances you will have to survive during tough times. With record deals decreasing, and live performances being cancelled or delayed, you should be moving towards potential income streams with a receptive outlook. A little imagination, focus and determination will get you to where you need to be. You will have built multiple ways to earn money, which in the the run allow you to have freedom to do the things you love.

Write Down Your Goals and Vision

For any business venture, you should have a vision board. How much do you want to earn per day/month/year ? What are your goals and dreams. What is your vision and how do you plan to manifest it. It is extremely important to WRITE things down.

Lets get started…..I will give you direct ideas related to music, but I will also take you out of your comfort zone, being a musician/artists and give you some ideas as a business/entrepreneur.

1. Create a Website – Every working musician or professional of any kind should have a website. Most websites are free, but will charge for a Domain (your .com) name, along with monthly hosting charges. You can start a free website on Google Sites. Its easy to drag and drop, or add pics while adding content. Share your experience, or simply use it as a practice tool. If you are sharing content/blogging, you can also start with WordPress. If you want something with flash type capabilities and basically done for you, try Wix.com. They will offer fancier type websites which may cost more, but worth it if you like cool EXTRAs. You can get a website for FREE, and just pay for the extra’s once you have things in place. There are many videos that will walk you through getting started. Later you can use your website to generate income through affiliate links, displaying banners or Google ads. It will be a constant learning experience, but you will be on your way to earning passive income. You will learn later on how to get more traffic to your website. Be patient and get it done !

2. Create a Youtube Platform – Did you know that you can get paid by Youtube with views or ads being displayed on your video ? Of course you need to have lots of views, but if you are giving a valuable service or creating videos that people enjoy you won’t have to worry about visitors. I actually met many musicians and producers on Youtube. I would visit other musician pages and listen to their music and comment on their videos. I not only gained subscribers, but also gained business opportunities from various artists. Share clear videos with good audio. Play your instrument live or talk about the equipment your using. Teach a beginners class. Talk about budgeting and finances in music. There are so many possibilities….make it a reality !

3. Teach Music or an Instrument – As stated above you can teach your instrument from different platforms. Do research on what works best for you. Start a small music school. You can start with 3 – 5 students. If you have space to do it from your home, by all means do it ! Although there may be some challenges due to our current situation, you can take the proper precautions with your students and have a successful business while offering extra curricular activities for children.

4. Sell or Recycle Old Instruments/Equipment – We all have equipment that we never use or stuff that is collecting dust in our homes. Use Ebay as a way to generate funds. Search the want ads for equipment that is free. Fix it up and sell it. If you are a repair person, or good with your hands, this would be a great side hustle. Use Facebook and different social platforms to sell and make a profit. Who knows, someone may need your services as a repair person. Never under estimate who you are.

5) Sell Your Services on FIVERR – Can you make drum beats or make music tracks. Why not sell snippets of your music. Create a library of 30 sec/60 sec music segments that people can use in the beginning of their videos. Be sure to copyright your work. Can you create a website for someone ? Can you design a logo ? Offer your services on Fiverr. Click here to learn more.

6) Sell Online Products as an Affiliate – There many affiliate programs, but to start you should choose programs that are related to music. Commission Junction (CJ) affiliate program has Guitar Center and American Music Supply as their client. You can apply and place banners or links on your website. There is a system to affiliate marketing, so be sure to watch some Youtube videos “Affiliate Marketing For Beginners” and research before starting.

Although affiliate marketing can be challenging due to the over saturation, there are many mentors to help you sell products online. I always look for those with a mindset of creating wealth. Although most of the gurus will sell the information, I generally gravitate to the ones that give me valuable/free information first. The information should allow me to get started right away without making a purchase. I can then choose to invest in my future by increasing my knowledge while having a support system in place. It can be challenging and you will feel overwhelmed with information to start. Write things down and pace yourself because there will be a learning curve.

7) Learn a New Skill – The last tip is a MUST ! Its probably the most important thing to do for the rest of your LIFE.

Don’t be afraid to learn something new. If you are struggling to make ends meet, make a decision to learn something that can help you generate more funds. Generally, you should never stop learning. We have great resources online to learn almost anything. If you need extensive learning, you should invest in YOU. Don’t limit your skills as a musician, but always find ways to reinvent yourself. Use your down time to educate yourself. Turn off the TV and get motivated to change your life.

Write a course or teach with online platforms like Udemy, TEACHABLE, and SkillShare. People will buy your course and the best thing is once you create it, you will have passive income for years to come

I guarantee as you progress you will have more self confidence to accomplish your dreams. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you. You got this….. Rhythm always

Below are some additional side hustles that you can start NOW !

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