5 Ways Musicians can SURVIVE DURING Covid19


Artists and musicians have suffered drastically due to the COVID19 epidemic. Venues, restaurants, clubs, festivals were shut down or cancelled. This has devastated the music industry and gig workers are still struggling while awaiting the reopening of businesses.

Although businesses are slowly reopening, there are still challenges of rising COVID cases, and people being fearful of returning to entertainment type venues.

Being a creative individual, you can utilize your creative skills in helping you survive during these uncertain times. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Sometimes adversity will challenge us and cause us to reach higher heights. I am a motivator who believes that difficult times only makes us BETTER ! Here are a few tips to help you along the way…

TEACH or CONSULT ONLINE : Everyone has heard of ZOOM. Why not use ZOOM or other platforms to teach your instrument. There are so many programs in which you can use to teach online. If your client is comfortable with you teaching in person, be sure to follow guidelines in protecting yourself and others.

START a PODCAST – Musicians need to share ideas more than ever. The economy is unpredictable. You can start preparing and utilizing your network of individuals with knowledge and ideas. People will generally donate to a good or needed service. There are so many world issues you can talk about as related to music.

VIDEOS – There are multiple platforms for posting videos now. Although Youtube is most popular, there are other sites such as VIMEO, FACEBOOK, JETPACK Video, DAILYMOTION and more… in which you can upload your videos. You can teach or simply share your music. Share pertinent information and help others. Talk about what musicians are experiencing. Include guests and talk about resolutions. How can we rebuild the music / entertainment business. Outdoor concerts ? Online concerts ? Your idea could turn into something big.

MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME – Never put all your eggs into one basket. Always think of more than one way to generate wealth/finances. Make t-shirts while working on another business venture. Can you cook ? Cater and delivery your favorite dish. Are you a good writer ? Offer to write resumes, blogs, or help with an editing project. Do you have a studio ? Create beats and music for intro’s. People are always looking for original intro music for their Youtube pages, commercial videos, etc. Research and write out your cost for materials/supplies. Be sure to research online before attempting any business venture. There are many great videos of side hustles on Youtube. We have great resources online. Use them to your advantage.

FINANCE – LOANS AND ASSISTANCE – Did you know that there are loans through the SBA and local banks to assist during these uncertain times ? As a musician, you have a side hustle, a business, and you are considered an independent contractor. It is important to save copies of checks, gas receipts, equipment receipts and all pertinent information pertaining to your business. Be sure to use small business accounting software that can help with keeping up with how much you are making and spending. I started with ZipBooks, but Wave and SlickPie are also great for independent contractors. They are all FREE to start, so don’t worry about spending a lot to get started. Always be sure to keep some type of documentation (1099’s, bookkeeping, etc.). You will need it when applying for some of these grants. Be ready……

The EIDL Loan Advance and PPP (Payment Protection Program-if you have employees) grants are available for gig workers. The stipulations have changed over last few months, but make sure to review the criteria for each loan to decide what is best for you.

There are many programs available to help musicians during this time. Here are a few links for additional information : https://www.wbur.org/artery/2020/03/24/grants-funds-resources-artists-nonprofits-covid-19-coronavirus https://covid19musicrelief.byspotify.com/en-us https://www.sweetrelief.org/covid-19-fund.html https://www.musichealthalliance.com/how-it-works/ (Healthcare assistance)

The goal is to come out stronger than before this pandemic began. Think about preparing and being ready for whatever comes next.

Please watch this quick video. Dr. Richardson has worked in the music industry and teaches others how to obtain wealth and manage their finances. The old cliche saying “Starving Musicians” is gone !

Rhythm Always…..

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