How to Rekindle Your Love For Playing Music



Did you know that your musical accomplishments, whether BIG or SMALL are priceless  ??   We are creators of music and we touch lives everyday.  We have the ability to change a mood from sad to happy…..from happy to sad.   If you play an instrument or sing,  it is a gift that lots of people would love to have.

 I believe that all musicians go through a dry spell.  Sometimes we are simply burnt out.  Gigging, traveling, being disappointed, and dealing with the general changes in the music industry will sometimes wear you down.  The pay scales are changing and playing around town generally becomes a hustle.  More artists are using smaller units or tracking their music due to the economics of the music industry.   The seasoned musicians find themselves being under cut by musicians that will work for whatever they can get.  It takes a lot of energy and networking  to stay relevant and active as a musician.

This is my journey of how I stay inspired and continue to work in the industry……

I recently decided to collect all my music photos.    Photos that were scattered in boxes. Photos that were on my computer.  Photos that were taken by fellow band members and Tagged in Facebook.   Band photos that were on disks as well as old photo shoots that were on floppy disks ??   As I viewed each photo I began to reminisce and feel a sense of gratitude and accomplishment.

I remembered where my fears and weaknesses were during that time and one single photo reminded me of how I had grown in music.

As I began to place the photos on the floor, it was as if a movie clip had started to roll. I could see the fashion trends during that time which made me laugh hysterically !    More than anything I could see my VALUE to my band or unit.   I could see that although I wasn’t at my BEST, I was still appreciated as a musician.   Simply viewing all the photo’s Inspired Me……so I decided to organize and create something my family could cherish for years to come…..   A scrap book…. a journey novel in music maybe ?

I started by arranging all of my pictures that were on my computer by bands.  I made folders for each band or organization (churches, etc).   I did the same with my photos that were developed.   I was able to make a easy slideshow in PowerPoint for my digital pictures.  There are many programs in which you can put together a little slide show. Share with your band members and have a few laughs !   If you are in a rut, or your love and passion for music isn’t what it used to be, I urge you to view your old photos in music.  Record your history in music.   Share your pictures or your journey.  Remember books aren’t always about words.   A powerful picture can speak a thousands words……

I try to stay in contact with old band members or participate in  jam sessions.   I’m always inspired when I attend a rehearsal or just get with musicians to jam.   I found that music is a source of therapy for many musicians.    Sometimes getting away from the grind of music, and just playing for fun can be very therapeutic.   Sharing your experiences and helping in developing of a beginner musician can also be rewarding.   If you are retired,  give some lessons.  If you have traveled the world as a musician, share your experiences.

I play with alot of musicians that have played with James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, Funkadelic (old skool !!) and many more.  I love hearing their stories about their journeys.  They helped me in my development as a pocket drummer.   Although times have changed, the “live band” sound is still in demand.  Audiences love a good SHOW !!  Dynamics and showmanship is key ! I have no problems in listening and taking advice from those that have paved the way.

I also love viewing musicians on Youtube.   Young and old….  I am always inspired when viewing great talent.   After a long stressful day I can view a video of a singer that can change my whole mood.   I can watch a drummer that inspires me to practice.

I only wanted to encourage you to not give up on music….. Find a way to spread your gift of music  😉    Love and Rhythm always…..

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