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I once felt that beat maker equipment and software would put us drummers out of business.   It was very intimidating when the drum machines first came out.  The Akai MPC 2000 Series did things I could never do, and best of all it didn’t talk back.   It kept perfect timing, and you didn’t have to pay an hourly rate to use it.

As technology grew the keyboards became more advanced with awesome drumming/sequencing capabilities. The Roland Phantom caused me to get off the drums and just play with it. It was fun to watch producers create a song with the touch of a couple of fingers. They often made it look so easy, and I often thought that they could actually play drums. I found out later that it wasn’t necessary the case. Again I began to wonder how long it would be before drummers would become extinct.

Now with today’s advance software packages it ONLY gets better for the studio gurus, or those who simply can’t play drums. Today’s music simply dosen’t have the need for live drums in  their hip-hop and R&B recordings.  New  programs like BTV Solo makes easy to create beats or just have fun.   Its great for beginners and definitely affordable.

 This product makes a drummer want to turn in her sticks (just for a little while) and just have some fun !! Understanding that I am not a studio engineer or producer. I don’t have any experience with complicated sequencers and equipment.


BTV Solo makes it so easy.   Its super user friendly. You can make 1000’s of beats and you don’t have to be a musician or a professional to do it.  If you are an inspiring producer BTV Solo is for You !!   Additional quirks are :

  • Real time technical support
  • Video Training for the newbies
  • 1000’s samples and synths 
  • 50 premium acoustic and electric playable instrument with preset patterns that you can fully customize
  • mixer with 60+ preset effects that you can customize
  • MIDI controller support

Of course live drummers like myself are still in demand for live shows, but if you’re not a drummer or musician……… NO NEED TO WORRY…. You can make your own beats….

As for me….I’ll be alright 🙂   I always work on ways to re-invent myself as a musician.   

There is a limited time offer and you can get this awesome product for under $20.00 !! 

Review Youtube videos for training for beginners

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    • Beat of Her Drum by DJLadydrummer – A well-known drummer (Denise Commander Johnson) that has played in the MD,VA, DC area. I have played for many churches, jazz, rock & R&B artists. Was contracted to Nintendo to promote WiiMusic. I demonstrated the virtual drums, as well as 100 other instruments. Currently plays for many local artists as needed. Toured with well known hip hop artist and continues to share the gift of music. Being a musician can be rewarding, but its important to have good habits for success. Discipline and planning is also important when embarking on an unstable market like the music business. Follow your beat and always have constant learning in your schedule and daily routine. You can be successful as a business and do what you LOVE ! Create Music and Don't Miss a BEAT

      Hello…… thanks for checking out my blogs. You have great blogs on beatmakers ! Much success to ya ! Denise J

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