Female Musicians In The Music Industry: Looks -vs- Skills


I have been in the industry for some time now. The standards for women musicians are different than for men. Especially when it comes to your look on stage.

Guys can come out on stage with a tee-shirt and jeans and not worry about his look or style. Women however, are told they need to be sexy if possible. Have a special look or be edgy to gain attention. Her skill seems to take a back seat to her look.

I am a drummer who has worked hard to obtain a name in the music industry. I found it very interesting on Youtube that most of the guys liked the fact that I was wearing high heels.
They thought it was the sexiest thing. I liked the compliments, but I was more overjoyed when they said “and YOU CAN PLAY !”

I guess eye candy helps for us women, but should it MATTER? No…it shouldn’t. As long as we play our instrument well, we should be judged on that alone. Any other qualities should be an added BONUS.

Very different standards…. but we must survive in the music business. Its important to look good and take care of ourselves ladies. Whatever your style is… MAKE IT WORK for YOU !!

You can see me on Youtube by searching “Djladydrummer”

Find what works for you and hopefully I’ll see you on STAGE !!


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