DJLadydrummer Known As “Ms DeeJay”

I am a female musician that believes in the power of music. Music can be a healer, a comforter, and studies show that it can even relieve stress. If music is so powerful, surely the instrumentalists that create or play the music are equally as powerful. Musicians and singers don’t always realize how powerful they are. How important it is to generate positive vibrations when expressing their art.

I started playing drums in church, so I quickly learned how important music is to spirituality. How it touches and reaches all human kind. From a little baby to an aging adult. Music can make you feel happy or sad. It can make you feel love, and can make you feel hate.

I’ve played for various artists from jazz, rock, gospel and R&B venues. There have been some ups and downs, but ultimately has been the best learning experience. I have experienced life through rhythm. If you think about it … “Everything that has life, has rhythm”.

Hoping to share different perspectives of how people view music. How music makes them feel to create it, to live it.   How to work to in the industry and get the BEST results.   How musicians can give of their talent and prosper as well.    Love sharing and learning from great musicians and artists.

Whether you are on a stage, or in your basement creating…… music is very effective. A way for you to express your life experiences.   Be creative and actually learn how to leverage an income as a musician.

12 thoughts on “DJLadydrummer Known As “Ms DeeJay””

    1. Thank you so much Russell. I’m new to this blogging thing…but love sharing my experiences as it relates to music. Yes…we will stay in touch……
      I’m stopping by your site right now !!
      Enjoy your weekend.

  1. Fantastic blog in the making. Would you be interested in doing an interview with I’d love to share your insights about being a female drummer with our community.

  2. You go Denise, I’m so proud of you and your work. I get to hear you play at least every two weeks and am fascinated by your performances. May you be blessed with your work in the future as we are blessed right now!

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