5 Tips of How to Be Productive Working From Home As a Musician


Using your Creativity in a Productive Manner

Is working from home making you dull? Do you feel like you aren’t getting enough done.  Do you wonder how you can be more productive? Your determination is the key factor that will fuel your productivity.  Set the daily goals for yourself and work hard daily to achieve them.
Productivity does not mean doing more, but learning and practicing daily to retain and polish your skills. For example, a musician needs to practice daily so that we can play even better. Moreover, we can learn new instruments to improve our music skills.  We can learn how to generate multiple streams of income by always learning something new. 
Here we have given you some tips that you can implement to stay productive while working from home. Let’s walk through them…..

1) Set a time for creativity
Co-curricular activities and spending time for hobbies is not a bad thing. You need to balance your tasks of office and music. Indeed, it isn’t easy to stay focused while working from home, but set a timetable and ensure that you follow it. Incorporate research with your music endeavors, so that you are well versed in the music business.  Moreover, if you ace musician skills, you can make money as a musician from home

2) Live stream a concert
Social media is an effective platform to grow your business and earn. Moreover, you can utilize it to reach a huge number of audiences. As you are working from home and it may be difficult for you to drive 2 hours to reach the venue, you can do an online concert. Moreover, you can plan it now and have an everlasting product that will allow you to interact with the audience.  This can be put into a library which you can edit and upload later.  There are so many great opportunities with today’s technology.   Utilize the internet while creating productive opportunities.

3) Prioritize your priorities
Making a to-do list can really make a difference. You can arrange the task you want to do in a day with a list. This is a great practice or habit in establishing your goals, but the thing is that people generally do not arrange the task according to the importance and needs.  It can be challenging to implement a strategy when balancing family and your work schedule.
If you want to be more productive, you need to prioritize the tasks and complete the list.  Lastly…. productivity is not about doing more it is about honestly completing the to-do list.

4)  Take A Rest / Down time
As we all know, “work work work makes Jack a dull boy.” Having a constant struggle will fully drain your energy leaving you tired, frustrated, and exhausted. Indeed, you can work from home by creating music and easily do live concerts, but breaks are mandatory.  If you are balancing a job or other side hustles, you must have have some down time.  For seven days, keep at least one day for yourself and enjoy it fully to restore the energy for the next six days.

5) Teach fans and fellow musicians
Do you take music as a hobby and wonder how to get paid as a music professional ? Well, it is not difficult, if you have aced the music skill. You can keep your job and hobby running simultaneously.  If you take the plunge and become a full time musician there are many ways you can make extra money.  Take some time out of the day and teach fans how to play music. You can use social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook, but you can also use streaming platforms.  Find a way to  help others along the way.  This will also help to polish your skills as well as staying productive

Musicians have various challenges that are somewhat different from other jobs…..but musicians are capable of using their creativity in many ways. As a beginner, you can collaborate with other musicians, and once you get enough popularity, you can work towards creating your own thing.  However, whatever your job is, give yourself the chance to learn new skills and grow.   Never stop learning….and never limit yourself